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IdentiSpy is a generic microblog soft-realtime tracker maintained by Dustin Sallings and Ken Sheppardson.

Command Quick Reference

add_service Add a service you can post to.
add_stop Add a stop word (global negative filter)
autopost Enable or disable autopost
help Get help for commands.
off Disable updates.
on Activate updates.
post Post an update to a service.
remove_service Remove (log out of) a service.
remove_stop Remove a stop word (global negative filter)
services List all known services.
set_default_service Set your default posting service.
track Track a topic
tracks List your tracks.
untrack Stop tracking a topic
verify_svcs Verify all service connections.

Magic Tokens

There are a few ‘magic token’ that are injected for you and you can track with:

from:someuser matches messages that come from a specific user
from:somesource matches messages that come from a specific source

from:user is useful for tracking any message from a user, but you really should not try to track all messages from a specific source. That token exists for creating exclusion rules and being more specific in other matching rules, not for replicating the public feed. Abuse will force us to remove this functionality.

Supported Services

Services are categorized on two axes. They may be read-write or write-only, and they may be listed or not.

Unlisted services exist primarily for one-offs (e.g. you want to run your own ┬Áblog instance, but use IdentiSpy as an XMPP interface in and out of it). This is quite easy to do, please contact us if you’d like to be supported.


identica identi.ca
twitarmy TWiT Army

Write Only

twitter twitter is write only because they don’t provide a “firehose” (i.e. a single feed of all activity on the site)


How Do I Track a Topic?

Just IM track cheese to be notified when anyone says ‘cheese’.

How Do I Ignore A User/word/whatever?

You can either add a global stopword add_stop from:annoying_user or you can modify your rule to exclude an annoying term track git -ignorant

Can I Get an Atom Feed of My Tracks While Offline

Yes you can! Your own personal atom URL is available from your status: status

I’ve Stopped Receiving Tracks!

IdentiSpy has a somewhat unsophisticated way of tracking your presence and will stop sending you stuff if it thinks you’re offline. You can verify your status with the following command: status If that says your xmpp status is unavailable or similar, just twiddle your status (change to away and back, for example) and it should brighten up.